I have upcoming travel plans and hope to make some new friends for some deeply kinky experiences. Perhaps you've wanted to meet me but haven't yet had the opportunity? If you live in  NYC, you'll soon have your chance.

I travel with a diverse complement of bondage gear, paddles and hair brushes, electrical equipment, slut training toys, crossdressing wear, adult baby accoutrements, whips, medical devices, and other items; we'll have many options. Booking in advance ensures that session equipment will be hand-picked for your scene from my studio's extensive collection.

I am also an engaging dinner or drinks companion capable of playing discreetly in public places with electricity, chastity, golden, and plenty of wicked mind-games.

Overnight sessions in captivity and/or bondage will also be possible. And unforgettable.

Join me?

Travel Rates:      Session: $300/hr.     Purely Social (Dinner/Drinks): $500/hr.     Overnight Session: $2000  

Booking Steps:

  • Read/understand Taboo.

  • Inquire via my Session Request Form and include dates and times you're available, as well as a reference if we have never before met. If you have no references, please be prepared to make a small deposit.

How to Make an Anonymous Deposit (only for new clients without references):

  • Deposits can be sent anonymously via Amazon by sending a gift card in the amount of $20 to me at mygreyheaven@gmail.com. You simply enter $20 in the 'Amount' field, enter my email address in the 'Recipient' field, enter the name you have given me in the 'Sender' field, and enter the date and time of the session in the 'Notes' field. Amazon does not reveal your identity or credit card information.

  • To be redirected to Amazon's Gift Cards page CLICK HERE.

Cancellation Policy:

Appointment cancellations pose a unique hardship when I travel. As it's unlikely that I will be able to recoup financial losses from appointments broken at the last minute, I adhere to the following cancellation policy:

  • If you make a $20 deposit and cancel your appointment, I will make every effort to reschedule with you, but if I cannot do so during my visit I will retain the deposit in consideration of my time.

  • On the very rare occasion that I must cancel, your deposit will be returned to you in full.

  • If you’re a returning client (for whom I have waived a deposit) and you cancel your appointment less than 72 hours prior to our meeting, I will make every effort to reschedule with you OR to re-book your time with another guest, but if I cannot I will request 25% of the session tribute in consideration of my time.

Having such a policy enables me to travel to your city. Thank you for your understanding.

~M. Grey



Las Vegas (CES): January 6-10, 2015



Honolulu: June, 2014

Vancouver: April, 2014

New York: April, 2014

Toronto: February, 2014 

Las Vegas: January, 2014

New York: October, 2013