Completing this page is the best way to initiate a conversation with me about a session. The information gathered here will serve to focus our planning around our areas of greatest mutual interest and compatibility.

It will be well-worth the time you take to complete this request. Promise.


It is okay to make up a name, just please choose a first and last name so I can remember you.
I play on evenings and weekends, and do not accept same-day appointments unless we are acquainted already. On what date(s) are you available, and at what times?
What time can you play (offer as large a window as possible)
For how long would you like to play?
In a few sentences, what are your interests and fantasies for an ideal session?
How did you become interested in kink and BDSM, and what is your experience level? How frequently do you session?
Describe your limits and boundaries here. Is there anything I should avoid talking about while in our scene?
Please list medical issues here, including known STDs, heart issues, seizure disorders, joint/mobility issues, surgeries, or anything requiring medication. I ask only for reasons of mutual safety in scene, not to pry, and will keep your reply in strict confidence.
I fantasize about and would like to try the following activities: *
Check as many as apply.
Choose one:
Do you identify as a masochist (one who derives erotic pleasure from the experience of pain)?
Miss Grey especially loves foot worship, high heels & boots, luxury & vintage stockings, lingerie, girdles, gloves, leather and gags. List your fetish interests here.
If I don't have it, I may request that you bring it with you.
How do you want to feel during the session? Check as many as make sense to you.
Miss Grey plays in both dungeon and domestic settings. In what setting do you envision your meeting taking place? (Photos of the rooms can be seen on the "Territory" page).
If you have questions for me, please mention them here. Also, if you checked "Other" anywhere above, please elaborate here. Remember, if I select you for a session we will discuss by phone as well.
Understanding *
I have read and understood the limits on Miss Grey's "Taboo" page. I further understand that Miss Grey does not entertain requests for nudity, sex, or oral sex of any kind while in session. I recognize that these are Miss Grey's real personal limits and not simply a legal disclaimer. If I am not sure whether something is a limit, I will ASK Miss Grey before taking any action or risk being asked to leave the studio.
May I email you in the future to let you know I'm visiting your area?